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Southern Women Writers Conference 2009

"Many Souths: Remembering, Sustaining, Creating."

About the Author

Allison Hedge Coke, of Indigenous American and European descent, grew up in North Carolina, Canada, and on the Great Plains.  Among her books, Blood Run (2006) won the Wordcraft Circle Writer of the Year Award and Dog Road Woman, the 1998 American Book Award.  Among her seven edited collections, two volumes of new Indigenous American poetry, Ahani and Effigies are forthcoming. 

Hedge Coke is noted for working with incarcerated youth; representing ethnic, underclass and working-class situations; acknowledging Indigenous mound cities; and seeking to define relationships with human beings and nature, in particular with Sandhill Cranes.  Currently she is the endowed Paul and Clarice Reynolds Chair of Poetry and Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Books by Allison Hedge Coke

The following titles are not currently in the library.  For more information, click the linked titles to be directed to

Effigies:  An Anthology of New Indigenous Writing
ISBN  978-1844714070

Blood Run
ISBN  978-1844712664

Off-Season City Pipe
ISBN  978-1566891714

Rock, Ghost, Willow, Deer:  A Story of Survival
ISBN  978-0803215276

Dog Road Woman
ISBN  978-1566890618

Coming to Life
ISBN  978-0972237000