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Southern Women Writers Conference 2009

"Many Souths: Remembering, Sustaining, Creating."

About the Author

Natalie Daise is best known, with her husband Ron, for bringing South Carolina Sea Island Gullah culture to national and international television audiences through the Nickelodeon program "Gullah Gullah Island."  Daise is an actor, singer, storyteller, songwriter and a craftsperson; her Gullah gifts and handicrafts have been featured on HGTV's "Country Style" and in the magazine Coastal Living

Her performances, writings and recordings with Ron have validated and celebrated the rich history of the Gullah people for numerous audiences for nearly a decade, and they have been awarded South Carolina's prestigious Palmetto and Folk Heritage Awards.

Books by Natalie Daise

The following titles are not currently in the library.  For more information, click the linked titles to be directed to

Guys and Dolls:  Gullah Gullah Island
ISBN  978-0689812422

Miss Natalie's Garden:  A Sticker Book
ISBN  978-0689808302

Ranger Mike's Animal ABC's
ISBN  978-0689804229

Let's Go to the Gullah Gullah Island Market
ISBN  978-0689808319