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Southern Women Writers Conference 2009

"Many Souths: Remembering, Sustaining, Creating."

About the Author

Sharyn McCrumb is an award-winning writer whose recent novel, St. Dale (2006) can be described as The Canterbury Tales meets NASCAR racing.  McCrumb is best known for her Appalachian "ballad" novels, set in the North Carolina/Tennessee mountains, among them She Walks These Hills (1995) and The Songcatcher (2002). 

McCrumb's novels have been translated into ten languages, and she has lectured on her work at Oxford University and the University of Bonn-Germany, taught a writer's workshop in Paris, and was named a "Virginia Woman of History" in 2008 for Achievement in Literature.  A film of her novel The Rosewood Casket is currently in production, directed by British Academy Award nominee Roberto Schaefer.

Books by Sharyn McCrumb

Call Number:  PS3563.C3527 O63 2008c
Location:  Circulating Collection -- 2nd Floor Memorial Library
Call Number:  PS3563.C3527 S66 2001
Location:  Circulating Collection -- 2nd Floor Memorial Library
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St. Dale              
ISBN  978-0758207777
She Walks These Hills
ISBN  978-0451184726
Bimbos of the Death Sun
ISBN  978-0345483027
The Rosewood Casket
ISBN  978-0451184719
Sick of Shadows
ISBN  978-0345356536
Ghost Riders
ISBN  978-0451211842

Highland Laddie Gone
ISBN  978-0345360366
The Ballad of Frankie Silver
ISBN  978-0451197399
ISBN  978-0345414946
Windsor Knot
ISBN  978-0345364272
Lovely in her Bones
ISBN  978-0345360359
Zombies of the Gene Pool
ISBN  978-0345379146
MacPherson's Lament
ISBN  978-0345384744
Paying the Piper
ISBN  978-0727842473
Missing Susan
ISBN  978-0345483591