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Memorial Library Staff Information

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Library Organization Chart

One representation of Memorial Library's current organization.

SH 6/9/2014

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Special Project Groups

Signage Group

Date organized:


Members: Michelle Horton, Jenny Kleine, Som LInthicum, Cetoria Tomberlin

SACS Group

Date organized: 8/11/2014

Charge: Lead Memorial Library's efforts related to the SACS reaffirmation process.

Members: Sherre Harrington, Steve Head, Jessica Hornbuckle, Maureen Morgan


Date Organized: 8/11/2014

Charge: Space planning, with a particular focus on the organization of the physical collection. A key issue is how best to respond to the growth of the circulating collection & the limited space available on the 2nd floor.  Many of us have had all kinds of conversations about what might make sense – do we move oversize materials, where best to locate the media collection, what will reference look like when the weeding is done, how best to use available space on the 1st floor, can we add shelving in certain locations to highlight areas of the collection & provide growth space … and so on. We need invest a group with responsibility for leading the discussion & making decisions about these issues & related space-use questions. And since they intersect the primary responsibility areas of Jenny (facilities), Som (user experience), and Cetoria (collection maintenance), they will form the committee, with Cetoria convening. 

Members: Jenny Kleine, Som Linthicum, Cetoria Tomberlin

Projects List

Institutional Effectiveness Plan

Popular Books 

Photo Archive 

Information Literacy Blueprints 

Music Library