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Women's History: Key Figures

This guide provides access to print and electronic journals and electronic databases, e-books, multimedia resources and bibliographies related to Women's History.


Examples of Biographies available (in print) at the Memorial Library:

Original Documents

The Emma Goldman Papers, a project of the University of California at Berkeley.

The Margaret Sanger Papers, a project of New York University.

Excerpts from the Above Document Collections

"Women must now realize that they are bringing men and women into the world, not merely babies to sentimentalize over... what right have you to expect me to bring men and women into the world?" in A Message to Mothers, 1916


"When a law has outgrown its time it must go, and the only way to get rid of it is to awake the public to the fact that it has outlived its purpose and that is precisely what I have been doing and mean to do in the future."  in Birth Control and the Necessity of Imparting Knowledge on This Most Vital Question, 2/11/1916