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Sandbox Lab: Home

This guide provides background on the Sandbox, booking instructions, as well as pedagogical uses and technology available.


The Sandbox is a multi-faceted, highly adaptable classroom space dedicated to experimenting with new technology that will foster instruction and enhanced student learning in a collaborative environment. The flexible layout encourages team-learning and small group/seminar style discussions.

The technology allows and encourages students to share ideas within a smaller group or to contribute work from multiple devices on a single central display for the whole class to see.

The Sandbox can be reserved for class sessions or events and is open for student use when not reserved. 


Sandbox Technology includes:

  • 70 inch touchscreen computer
  • 60 inch touch-capable projector (also functions as a smart white board)  
  • 4 collaborative work stations each with seating for 6, a 46 inch display, and a wePresent (allows wireless connection)

Additional Features of the Sandbox:

  • 3 whiteboard walls
  • Comfortable seating area  
  • 5 additional tables around the outside of the room