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Guide to Citations: Introduction

Introduction to Citing Information

This LibGuide is your source for citing resources. It includes information on the various styles and how to format your bibliography and works cited.

Properly citing information is crucial to all types of academic work. We all want credit for our insightful ideas and creative responses, but it is important to show when and where you used another person's handiwork. That's where citations come in to play. Overall, it's best to ask for assistance about when and where to cite instead of not citing at all. Check out the Viking Code for Berry's standard on academic integrity.

Citation Dictionary

Bibliography: a systematic list of books viewed or read for an academic assignment

Works Cited: a systematic list of books that are directly referenced in a work

Citation: a reference to a specific source

Citation Styles: ways to parenthetically reference sources, i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian

  • MLA is commonly used in the humanities, but especially English studies, modern languages, and literature.
  • APA is formatted for referencing sources for social sciences.
  • Common science citation styles are ACS, AIP, and AMS styles. 
  • Chicago/Turabian style is mostly used for history, economics, and some other social sciences.