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Ebooks @ Memorial Library: FAQs

Our guide for downloading eBooks to a variety of devices. Includes helpful tips for fully utilizing our eBook collection!

Frequently Asked Questions about EBL, ebrary & EBSCOhost

How do I cite an ebook?
Ebook Central & EBSCOhost both have a citation tool. Here are examples of a few of the most frequent reference list styles:

Howard, Blair. 1997. Adventure Guide to the Georgia & Carolina Coasts. Edison, NJ: Hunter Publishing, 1997. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost), EBSCOhost (accessed November 4, 2017).

Howard, B. (1997). Adventure Guide to the Georgia & Carolina Coasts. Edison, NJ: Hunter Publishing.

Dickey, Ouida, and Doyle Mathis. Berry College : A History, University of Georgia Press, 2005. ProQuest Ebook Central,

Does the ebook mark what page you left off on?
It does if you download the book, but may not if you read online.

How much can I print?
Publishers set the limits, but in general you can print about 40% percent of the book.

Frequently Asked Questions about EBL, ebrary & EBSCOhost

Will downloaded ebooks just disappear from my reader once it is time for them to be returned? (I do no have to worry about returning them?)
Yes, they will just disappear off your reader, you will not have to worry about returning them.

‚ÄčIf I were just reading an ebook online without downloading it, how would I get back to it? Would I check it out again?
Once you sign in to the ebook platform, you can add an ebook to your bookshelf (Ebook Central) or a folder (EBSCOhost). Links to the ebooks you add to your bookshelf/folder will remain, even if your loan has expired.

Can more than one person use an ebook at the same time?
In most cases, yes. Occasionally we will purchase a single user copy of an Ebook Central ebook because of the cost savings.

Can I place ebooks on reserve for my class?
Yes, but be sure to use the link provided when you click share, rather than the url in your web browser's command line. For most titles, you can simply add a link to the title to your course page on VikingWeb, but to be sure we have a multi-user copy please contact the liaison librarian for your department.

Can I re-check out an ebook? Is there a limit to the number or times that I can do this?
Yes you can, there is not a limit. You just check it out again like you did the time previously.

Is there a limit to how many ebooks I can check out?