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Ebooks @ Memorial Library: Printing

Our guide for downloading eBooks to a variety of devices. Includes helpful tips for fully utilizing our eBook collection!

About printing from ebooks

Ebooks from ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCOhost have agreements with book publishers that include the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to limit the portion of a book that can be printed.  Amounts vary, but in general you can print approximately the equivalent of a chapter or two.

Printing basics

ProQuest Ebook Central eBooks @ EBSCOhost

The typical print allowance for most titles is 40% of the book.


Create a PDF of a page, or a range of pages that can be printed or saved, and which includes a citation of the book.


Printed pages are counted as part of your overall print allowances.


Pages included in a Chapter Download are also counted as part of your overall print allowance.

Depending on publisher-specified limits, up to 100 pages can be printed, saved or emailed as a PDF file to be printed at a later time.


Some titles may not allow for printing due to individual publisher-specified limits.


If you have reached your printing limit, the option to print or save eBook pages will be temporarily unavailable.