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American Literature I: Beginnings through 1865: Tools & Contact Info

ENG 220, Dr. Bucher


Resources on this page will help you:

properly cite the items for your annotated bibliography
formulate a search strategy
locate articles and books you find listed in databases and bibliographies
set up a research appointment with a librarian

Finding Articles Once You Have a Citation

In many cases, the database will provide a link to full text. But when it doesn't, or if the link doesn't work, what do you do?

Check the Journal Locator!

Enter the title of the journal (not the article information) in the search box. Look for Full Text Available listings that include the year you need & click on the journal title.

If there's no link to full text, look for Print copies at your library. Click on the journal title & look carefully at the holdings information to determine location.

MLA Style

Most databases, including the Library's main search box, will format citations in MLA format for you:

On the database record for a book or article, look for links to Cite or Cite/Export.
Choose MLA, then cut & paste the formatted citation into your document.

Or, use a reference management tool such as Zotero to create a database of your sources & automatically format citations.

For more details about MLA style, use the Purdue OWL MLA Formating & Style Guide. Here's the link:

Other Techniques

 Use the bibliography/reference list of the articles & books you find to track down additional sources.  Check relevant articles in Google Scholar to see if they've been cited by other authors Make an appointment for a research consultation!