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Harlem Renaissance: Art

ENG 201, Dr. Bucher

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Cafe, William H. Johnson, ca. 1939-1940


Aaron Douglas, Idylls of the Deep South, 1934

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Try this more specialized database to go beyond the sources you can identify by searching GoogleScholar:

Find Books in Memorial Library

Go to the Online Catalog to find books at Memorial Library.

  • Search on the general topic "Harlem Renaissance" to get a sense of the scope of the collection. For books related to art and artists of the Harlem Renaissance, search on the names of individual artists.
  • Look for titles on African American art or women artists or the art of the twenties, for example.
  • Search by author, title, keyword or subject.

Representative Titles

Representative Primary Sources


Jacob Lawrence, The migration gained in momentum, 1940-41