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Spanish Research Guide: Home

Searching the Catalog

Allows searching of Memorial Library's catalog for Spanish language material.

DIRECTIONS: Open the Online Catalog, select Basic Search, click on Limits (lower right of screen). Beside the Language box, locate near the top and highlight Spanish, then click on Set Limits in upper left of screen. Perform search using English or Spanish words.

NOTE: You must clear the limits or open a new WebVoyage screen to search for English language material again.


Books at Memorial Library

Spanish Language   PC 4001- PC 4997

Spanish Literature, Drama, FictionPoetry, and Prose Literature  
PQ 6001 - PQ 8929

Spanish American Literature (from Latin America)   PQ 7081 - PQ 8560

Hispanic American Literature (Spanish speakers in the United States)

Spanish language literature may also be found cataloged by nation of origin (example: Argentina drama) or region (example: Basque literature). These search terms may be entered in the
Find This box with Subject Browse selected from the Find Results Using box.

Media Collection

Foreign language feature films may be found on the first floor of Memorial Library. They are under PN1995-PN1997 and are arranged in call number order by country of origin: SPN for Spain, AGT for Argentina, and MEX for Mexico.

A few films from the collection:

Mar adentro



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