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Aquatic Pond Survey

BIO 465: Aquatic Biology, Dr. Davin

Literature Search Assignment

You are to assume that you have been hired by a pond owner to do a full aquatic survey of their pond and submit a report to them. This report should be scientifically written but in terms that the owner can understand. The report will require you to conduct literature searches. Peer reviewed literature must make up 50% of the references used. Use the "Guide to Authors from the American Fisheries Society" for your style reference (the guide is posted on your course page). You must include the first page from each reference cited with each section of your report.

Find Peer Reviewed Resources on Biology Topics: Best Bet

Go to the Library web page, select the Articles tab, enter your topic in the search box and GO!  

Use quotation marks to search by phrases, including scientific names.
Refine search results by checking peer reviewed -- add other limits such as year or languge.
Sort by date, author, title, or relevance.
Articles available electronically will usually (but not always!) have a View Now button.
Click on the article title to see more detail, including a summary or abstract and print/cite/email options.
Use the Request Item Through Interlibrary Loan button to get articles that are not part of Memorial Library's collection.

Remember, the article search is very broad - if the search results seem overwhelming, limit or narrow your search, or try a database limited to a particular discipline (see the list below). 

Other Good Sources for Finding Peer Reviewed Resources

To Find Older Articles, Try

Other Techniques

► Use the bibliography/reference list of articles & other sources you find. ► Check relevant articles in Web of Science or Google Scholar to see if they've been cited by other authorsLook for review articles on your topic. Call or email me to make an appointment for a research consultation!