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Anthropology Subject Guide: Books and Monographs

Classic Titles and Key Works in Anthropology

Harvard University's Tozzer Library compiled a list of key books in Anthropology recommended by Harvard anthropologists and other influential scholars in the field. Below are the titles from this list available through Berry. 

Berry WorldCat

New Books in Anthropology

Library of Congress Classification System

At Berry, we organize our books by the Library of Congress Classification System (LC). The LC system has 21 broad categories, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Each category also contains subclasses. Within Class G, Subclass GN is AnthropologyMost books related to Anthropology will be found in Classes G and H. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of Anthropology, you might find books across the classes. 

  •  Class A - General Works
  • Class B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  •  Class C - Auxiliary Sciences of History (General)
  •  Class D - World History (except American History)
  • Class E and F - American History
  • Class F - Local History of the United States and British, Dutch, French, and Latin America
  •  Class G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  •  Class H - Social Sciences
  •  Class J - Political Science
  •  Class K - Law
  • Class L - Education
  • Class M - Music
  •  Class N - Fine arts
  •  Class P - Language and Literature
  •  Class Q - Science
  •  Class R - Medicine
  •  Class S - Agriculture
  • Class T - Technology
  • Class U - Military Science
  •  Class V - Naval Science
  • Class Z - Bibliography, Library Science