A Guide to creating and managing video files for the edTPA ePortfolio


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Jeremy Worsham
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File Formats

You may submit video files in the following formats:

  • asf - "Advanced Systems File Format" Earlier forerunner of the Microsoft WMV file format.  
  • avi - "Audio Video Interleave" 
  • flv - "Flash Video" Adobe Flash Player file
  • m4v - "iTunes Video File" Similar to a mp4 file, but usually copy protected with Apple's DRM copyright protection.
  • mp4 - "MPEG-4" Based on Apple's MOV format that supports subtitles as well as some MPEG features.  Commonly used to share files on the internet.
  • mov - "Quicktime Movie File" Popular Apple format that supports live streaming
  • mpeg/mpg - One of the most common video formats in the world.
  • qt - "Quicktime Movie" Apple
  • wmv - "Windows Media Video" Widely used video codec that supports streaming video and physical media (i.e. DVD, Blu-ray)

File Specific Recommendations

Bitrate: 256 Kbps

File Size: 200-300 MB or less.  500 MB limit

Resolution: Lower resolutions, such as 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 are recommended

Frame Rotation: Landscape mode

Frame Rate: 30 fps (frames per second) is common.  24 (23.98) and 25 fps are also acceptable.