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Controversial Questions and Your Health: Selecting and Refining a Topic

This guide supports the controversial health topic facilitation assignment in KIN222. It is also a great place to find resources to help you with the health-related questions that you encounter every day.

Understanding Your Topic

Use the websites and library databases listed below to help you choose a topic, to explore multiple perspectives, or to deepen your understanding of a controversial health topic.

► TIP: Be sure to check the date of publication! Articles greater than 5 years old are generally inappropriate for health topics unless you are specifically seeking historical data.

► TIP: If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information available about your topic, you may need to narrow it further. For example, "healthy eating" is too broad, but browsing in the resources listed below can help you to narrow the topic to something manageable, such as "eating disorders" or "obesity in children."

Concept Mapping