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Controversial Questions and Your Health: Finding Articles

This guide supports the controversial health topic facilitation assignment in KIN222. It is also a great place to find resources to help you with the health-related questions that you encounter every day.

Searching for Articles

A selection of the most useful databases for finding research and news articles related to health are listed in the boxes below. Remember that databases index a variety of information: you must still evaluate whether it is appropriate to support your topic.

► TIP: Be sure to check the date of publication! Articles greater than 5 years old are generally inappropriate for health topics unless you are specifically seeking historical data.

► TIP: How do I know which database(s) are best?

  • If you are still exploring your topic, it may be best to start with a general research database (the left box).
  • If you are drilling down for specific information, it may be best to use a database focused on health topics (the middle box).
  • News articles (the right box) are least likely to be useful for finding authoritative facts. That said, you may find interesting leads by exploring newspapers and news magazines instead of the scholarly literature. 

General Research Databases

Search WorldCat

You can also try a broad search for articles, books, and ebooks using the library's online catalog, WorldCat Discovery.

 TIP: You will find many more articles by searching separately in the library's databases listed in other boxes on this page. Very few of the library's 260+ databases are searched when you use WorldCat Discovery. 

Databases Focused on Health Topics

News Articles