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Controversial Questions and Your Health: Evaluating Information

This guide supports the controversial health topic facilitation assignment in KIN222. It is also a great place to find resources to help you with the health-related questions that you encounter every day.

Searching for Information on the Open Web

Evaluation Handouts

The following PDFs provide more tools for evaluating websites. Use the checklist to help in critically analyzing a questionable website or blog.

Resources for Evaluating Health Information

Evaluating Information

The major criteria to consider when evaluating any website, book, or article are:

  • Currency -- When was the resource published or updated?
  • Relevance -- Is this evidence that supports your topic?
  • Authority -- Is an author listed? What are their credentials or other basis of authority on this topic?
  • Accuracy -- Is the information confirmed across sources? (Remember to always consult multiple sources!)
  • Purpose -- Why was this resource created? Possibilities include advertising, advocacy, news, entertainment, opinion, etc.


Resources listed on this guide are provided to support individual exploration of health-related topics. Information on this site is not intended to substitute for consultation with a health-care provider.