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The Interfaith Council is a group of faculty and students who work closely with a number of departments on campus to help foster a welcoming environment at Berry College for people of all faiths. The Interfaith Council supports and promotes opportunities

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In the spirit of Michael Apted's "7 Up" series, the award-winning "My So-Called Enemy" follows six courageous Palestinian and Israeli teenage girls who participated in a cross-cultural women's leadership program in the U.S. and documents how the transformative experience of knowing their "enemies" as human beings in US meets with the realities of their lives back home in the Middle East over the next seven years. A film about not making assumptions about, or creating "an other," "My So-Called Enemy presents the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through a human lens, and the possibility and hope that come from listening to each other's stories. Through the coming-of-age narratives of Adi, Gal, Hanin, Inas, Rawan and Rezan, viewers see how creating relationships across all kinds of differences are first steps towards resolving conflict.