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Exploring Career Information: General Info

A guide to discovering your career goals and aspirations.

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Strategies for Researching Career Options

  1. Decide what you are going to research Review your interests,values, etc. Review exercises from the book, brainstorm, prioritize, group like ideas together.
  2. Broad research of industry and functions (Sales and Marketing – see career paths pg 136) Start with broad research on an industry or field, look at current industry trends, growth, etc.
  3. Learn about current events in areas of interest Industry trends, new technology, job growth/outlook, key companies. 
  4. Identify professional and trade associations Disseminate information, vocabulary, learn employers, and find a network, email, list servs.
  5. Locate Related Websites job sites, professional organizations, blogs and more. 
  6. Identify key employers (geographic area Page 137, 139) Compile a list from your research to target/informational interviews

General Online Resources

Georgia (and Regional) Resources