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Remote Library Services

Memorial Library can support your students' research needs wherever they are. Below are some resources to help connect them with library services and resources.

Syllabus Statement

Please include the following text on the syllabus of your online course:

Library Services and Resources for Online Courses

Memorial Library supports students taking Berry College online courses with the same resources, services, and technology that support campus-based coursework. In addition to personal assistance via email, telephone, and text, Memorial Library’s web page includes online Research Guides and an FAQ.

Memorial Library web pages also provide access from anywhere to thousands of ebooks, ejournals, and hundreds of article databases. You can access any of these information resources by logging in via your ReACT ID (ex. jdoe) and password. Materials not available through online resources can be delivered through your Berry email account or, in the case of physical materials, mailed to your home. 

Contact Memorial Library at email, text 706-225-8092, phone 706-236-1739.

More information is available at


Linking to Library-subscribed full text resources on your Canvas course page

Add links to articles & other full text resources anywhere on your course page that accepts hyperlinks.

It is important to note that for the links to work correctly both on and off campus, you must format the URL correctly. In most cases, you can’t just copy the link from your browser search box.

Copy the link

The method of capturing the link varies from source to source. In general, look for something called a stable link or permalink. Here are some examples:

  • JSTOR: Go to the full text display. In the citation at the top of the article, copy the “Stable URL”.
  • EBSCO databases: ‚ÄčGo to the full text display. In the list of “Tools” to the right of the text, click on “Permalink” and copy the resulting link at the top of the page. If Permalink is not available, click on "Cite" and copy one of the EBSCO links in suggested citations. 
  • ProQuest databases: Go to the full text display. Scroll down to “Indexing Details”. Copy the “Document URL”.
  • Oxford, Wiley & Project Muse journals: Go to the article pdf. Copy the link in your browser search box.

Check for the proxy instructions

Be sure the link includes the text necessary to let students access the material off campus, or using their cell phone data account:  Add this text to the beginning of the URL if necessary.

For example, here's how the the url for "No Throwing Popcorn" from the Feb. 2009 issue of Cartographic Journal would look: 

Media Digitization

Memorial Library offers digitization services for formats such as audio and video, within the bounds of fair use, and will assist instructors with posting on course pages. Bring completed form and media to the main Service Desk.

Related Guides

Add a librarian to your Canvas course page

If a librarian is working with your students, consider adding them to your Canvas course page. The Teaching Assistant role in Canvas allow the librarian to participate in discussion boards, comment on student submissions to discussion boards, and message the class or individual students. It will not give access to grades or other confidential information.