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COM 203: Rhetoric & Public Address: Contemporary Issues

Pros & Cons

Contemporary issues provide considerable grist for public speaking and discourse.  Grasping both sides of an issue will allow the speaker to make a more effective and persuasive case for their position.  These resources provide balanced accounts of the current debate on a number of controversial topics.

Go-to Resource for Communication and Media Studiies

Of course, the most extensive subject-specific database pertaining to Communications, Media Studies, Rhetoric and Discourse generally will be Communications Source, providing full-text content from scholarly journals worldwide.

Balanced Web-Resources

There's a great deal of worthwhile info on the web, but much of it comes with strong perspectival bias.  These resources provide balanced overviews of complex and contentious issues.

Useful Publications

There are a number of other worthwhile print and digital resources available through Memorial Library, including books, periodicals, and streaming video, that offer pro/con-style overviews of complex and compelling issues.  Here are a few examples…


News & Opinion

News outlets are excellent sources for opinion-pieces and editorials. Op-Ed columns often make rhetorically strong cases for one particular side of a controversial issue. Nexis Uni offers access to a wide-range of news sources, or check op-eds from any of these specific news outlets for contemporary or historical viewpoints.

Databases with Issue-Based Synopses

These databases are all available through the Memorial Library site, and offer balanced and/or divergent perspectives on key issues.  Congressional Digest Debates, CQ Researcher, and Facts on File are particularly rich resources with a pro/con style.