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EDU 360 Dr. Eliana Hirano - Second Language Acquisition and Development

This is the guide for the SLA research project

Why cite?

It is important to attribute ideas to their originator. But who cares other than your professor?

  • Your audience: In-text citations allow your readers to understand the type of evidence you used to support your conclusion. A reference list allows your readers to easily find the research you reviewed. This allows them to explore a topic further or to better understand your perspective.
  • You: Citations and reference lists can help you to find excellent resources to support your research.
  • The author(s): Lastly, it is polite to acknowledge others' hard work. High-quality, evidence-based research takes a lot of time and resources to produce! The author(s) whose work you read deserves acknowledgement.

Citation Styles in Education

The most frequently used citation style in kinesiology is APA style. Other styles are used, however, so check with your professor if you are unsure which style to use.

Citation Management