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Award-Winning Books @ Memorial Library

Find award-winning books: Pulitzer, National Book Award, and more.

American Historical Association Awards

The American Historical Association recognizes a wide variety of distinguished historical work, which can take the form of an exceptional book in the field, distinguished teaching and mentoring in the classroom, film, or digital projects and resources. Below are links to recent recipients of selected awards.

Jerry Bentley Prize

Awarded annually to the best book dealing with global or world-scale history.

Albert J. Beveridge Award

Given annually for the best book in English on the history of the United States, Latin America, or Canada from 1492 to the present.

Friedrich Katz Prize

Awarded annually to the best book published in English focusing on Latin America, including the Caribbean.

Joan Kelly Memorial Prize

Awarded annually for the book in women's history and/or feminist theory that best reflects the high intellectual and scholarly ideals exemplified by the life and work of Joan Kelly.