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Faculty Information

The details about new resources, requesting material for the collection, placing items on reserve, and other nuts and bolts information about Memorial Library for Berry College faculty.

Request Materials for Memorial Library Collections

To request materials for the collection, regardless of format, please use our online forms.

Print or Ebook?

  • As you make the decision about requesting print vs. electronic, please consider whether more than one person will need to use an item. 
  • Ebooks come in several configurations, mostly related to how many people can access the item at one time and to what extent content can be printed or downloaded. It will be helpful to know if you think a single user version is sufficient or if multiple simultaneous users will be necessary, and if you have particular needs related to printing and downloading. We especially need to know if you will be expecting your entire class to use the same e-book. 
  • Although you will see duplication in the library catalog, mostly because a significant portion of our ebooks come via bundled packages, we try to avoid buying multiple copies of the same item, either in the same or different formats. If you have an item for which you think multiple copies are needed, please discuss it with the liaison librarian for your department.


August 13, 2021