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Women's History: Journals

This guide provides access to print and electronic journals and electronic databases, e-books, multimedia resources and bibliographies related to Women's History.

Journals for Women's History

Journal Article Examples

Graeme Gooday. (2009). Domesticating the Magnet: Secularity, Secrecy, and Permanency as Epistemic Boundaries in Marie Curie’s Early Work. Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science, 3 (1): 68-81. (JSTOR)

Natasha Kolchevska. (Fall-Winter 2005). Angels in the Home and at Work: Russian Women in the Khrushchev Years. Women's Studies Quarterly 33 (3/4): 114-137.

Nan Alamilla Boyd. (2001). Same-Sex Sexuality in Western Women's History. Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 22 (3): 13-21. (JSTOR)

Holly J. McCammon and Karen E. Campbell. (Feb. 2001). Winning the Vote in the West: The Political Successes of the Women's Suffrage Movements, 1866-1919. Gender and Society 15 (1): 55-82. (JSTOR)