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Hate Has No Place: Combatting Antisemitism


Who defines antisemitism?

A Very Short Introduction

"Antisemitism is a hatred of Jews that has stretched across millennia and across continents; or it is a relatively modern political movement and ideology that arose in Central Europe in the late 19th century and achieved its evil apogee in the Holocaust; or it is the irrational, psychologically pathological version of an ethnocentric and religiocentric anti-Judaism that originated in Christianity’s conflict with its Jewish roots – and achieved its evil apogee in the Holocaust; or it is a combination of all of these. It all depends on how one defines the term." -- Steven Beller

Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations

Antisemitism in the US and Europe is worsening in ways not seen since the 1930s, mutating across cultures, borders and ideologies. Explore its infectious behavior through interviews with victims, witnesses, antisemites, and others in this 2020 documentary from PBS. 

Featured Book

Antisemitism is confusing in its complexity. In one of the most apt analogies I’ve heard used, this ever-evolving and constantly morphing hatred of the Jewish people was compared to the boggart in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. The boggart, a magical creature, is a shape-shifter that will assume the form of whatever the person who encounters it is the most frightened of. So, too, is the nature of antisemitism. It defies logic, reason, and rationality. Instead, in every place, and seemingly in every generation, antisemitism emerges in a way that feeds into the fears of the populace. -- Samantha A. Vinokor-Meinrath

An End to Antisemitism!

"We argue that antisemitism can be stopped over several generations. This long-term perspective is important and should be kept in mind. The question should not be if antisemitism will end, but when it will end, and how it can be ended. The need to fight antisemitism creates a categorical imperative that everyone must do everything humanly possible to end antisemitism!"