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Hate Has No Place: Combatting Antisemitism

1. Be an Ally in the Fight Against Antisemitism

  1. Learn to identify antisemitism at all levels
  2. Confront antisemitism when you see it
  3. Recognize antisemitic stereotypes
  4. Learn about the history of antisemitism
  5. Ask Jewish friends about their experiences

2. Tough Questions on Antisemitism Explained 

  1. Why is antisemitism different from other forms of hate?
  2. Where does antisemitism come from?
  3. How has antisemitism evolved over time?
  4. Does antisemitism come from the far-right or the far-left?
  5. Do efforts to define antisemitism take away freedom of speech?

3. Test Your Knowledge

Take AJC’s Translate Hate Quiz to learn about antisemitism so that you can become a more well-informed advocate against hate. 

4. The American Jewish Committee’s Call To Action Against Antisemitism in America

AJC's Call to Action Against Antisemitism | AJCCall to Action

Learn how you, and all factions of society, can play an active role in addressing anti-Jewish hate.

5. Essential and Timely Resources on Antisemitism for Allies of the Jewish Community