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Connecting to E-Resources

American Chemical Society Publications

Wiley Online Library

If you have a registered account on Wiley Online Library and have logged in while connected to the Berry network, your profile will automatically authenticate you for access to our Wiley subscriptions for 60 days. This will renew for another 60-day period each time you log in to Wiley Online Library while connected to the Berry network.

Set Up Off-Campus Access to Library Resources with Zotero

Like most institutions, Memorial Library requires you to sign-in to a proxy system to access electronic resources while you are off-campus. The Zotero Connector can make this more convenient. When it detects that you are using an institutional proxy to access a particular site, it will ask if you want to remember it in the future. If you agree, Zotero will automatically use the proxy for matching URLs in the future. You should be routed through the proxy login site if you're not already logged in, then you can access the database as you normally would.

  • Zotero users can use the proxies feature without ever looking at this preference tab. By default, Zotero will prompt you to store the proxy and then route you through the proxy automatically and without further input.
  • Zotero proxy redirection is not available in Safari.