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Connecting to E-Resources


If you are unable to connect to a e-resource, here are some things to try:

  • Be sure you are using the correct username & password on the Internal Campus Web Resources & Library Databases form. If the off-campus login box is pre-populated, check to be sure the information is correct. If you aren't sure about your password, you can try resetting it via the Berry MyApps Portal Here's instructions from IT.
  • Try a different browser. Chrome is sometimes particularly cranky about logging in to library resources.
  • Clear your cookies, browsing history, cache, etc. Use your favorite search engine to find instructions for your browser.
  • Try accessing a different resource. If successful, re-try the problem resource. One authentication per web session is all that is necessary - sometimes authenticating elsewhere will bypass whatever is causing the problem.

In any case, please report persistent problems to us so we can fix them! Use the Report Issue button on the database list or email

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