Freemantown Research Guide

Information about and resources related to the Freemantown community in Floyd County, Georgia

A School at Freemantown

There is evidence that the church building at Freemantown also served as a school. For example, a May 1896 article in the Rome Tribune lists Theressa Higginbotham as the teacher at Freeman's Chapel.

According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, the Georgia state legislature mandated a free public school system in 1866 and the 1868 state constitution called for "a thorough system of general education, to be forever free to all children of the State," funded through poll and liquor taxes. The system was put into place in 1870, "but only with the return of Democratic 'home rule' in 1872 did it finally take shape ... All schools were segregated by race, and many could afford to operate for only three or four months at a time."

What do we know about early Black schools in Floyd County?