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Measuring Your Impact: Journal Rankings, Citation Analysis, and Other Metrics

Tools and methods for measuring the impact of an individual or their scholarshipp


MathSciNet, from the American Mathematical Society, offers citation analysis via simple searches for authors, journal titles, subjects, and year. The MR (Mathematical Reviews) database contains references from 1997 onward for some of its journals, and from 2000 onward for all journals. The Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ):

  • Compares the number of matched references to papers in a journal, in a selected publication year, to all of the reference list journals, wherein references are within the previous five-year span.
  • Provides the total number of papers indexed in a given journal over the same five-year span.  "The MCQ is the quotient, with the number of citations in the numerator and the number of papers in the denominator."

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