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Native American Writers @ Memorial Library

Join us in recognizing and reading books by Native American writers in Memorial Library's collections

Decolonize your reading list?

Evidence supports the importance of including diverse books and perspectives across the curriculum and throughout the life span. Seeing people who look, act, and experience life like ones self in media of all kinds leads to a sense of inclusion, reinforcing positive views of the self and supporting success. Members of other groups, especially majority groups, base their ideas of groups on what they see in the media, textbooks, and curricular materials.

If someone had taken that book out of my hand said, You’re too old for this, maybe
I’d never have believed that someone who looked like me could be in the pages of the book
that someone who looked like me had a story. -- Jacqueline Woodson, "stevie and me"

Scholarly Sources

Other Resources 

As I discovered who I was, a black teenager in a white-dominated world, I saw that these characters, these lives, were not mine. What I wanted, needed really, was to become an integral and valued part of the mosaic that I saw around me. -- Walter Dean Myers