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About Memorial Library


Mission Statement

Memorial Library's primary purpose is to support the mission of Berry College by providing the necessary information resources and services essential for excellence in teaching, learning, research and scholarship. As an integral part of the academic fabric of the college, the Library facilitates scholarly access to collections of local and global information resources selects, maintains and organizes theses resources for ease of use by all members of the college community; and provides instruction in the effective use of these resources. Memorial Library strives to uphold the principles of academic freedom and encourages/fosters cultural diversity, creative expression, intellectual growth and a respect for the dialogue generated by differing points of view. 

Statement of Goals 

  1. Meet the information needs of our users and actively promote the advancement of scholarly research and higher learning.
  2. Work cooperatively with other libraries to meet the needs of our users and, whenever possible, share resources to achieve this end.
  3. Collaborate with the faculty to provide and instructional services program integrated into the curriculum that enables students to become lifelong, critical consumers of information resources.
  4. Promote intellectual freedom, ethical use of information, patron privacy and unrestricted access to available resources.
  5. Champion the student work program through comprehensive supervision and mentor-ship for library student workers, and in support of the college's philosophy of "dignity of worthwhile work well done."
  6. Cultivate a physical environment that is welcoming, conducive to learning and social interaction and responsive to the changing needs of the students and the college.
  7. Develop and maintain a collection that, regardless of format, advocates human diversity and reflect the myriad of world views expresses therein.