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HIS 120 Foundations of Modern America - Cochran

Guide for Dr. Cochran's HIS 120 B & E Public History Research Project.

Public History Research Project

Project Requirements

  • You must utilize primary sources from the Berry College Digital Archive ( or the Martha Berry Digital Archive ( You must use at least 10 primary sources from either of these archives.
  • You may also use other primary sources like Berry College yearbooks and student publications, local and state newspapers, oral histories, interviews, etc.
  • You may also use secondary sources to augment your interpretation.
  • Your final product must feature 5 people, events, or locations related to Berry College.
  • All primary and secondary sources used should be properly cited in Chicago Style citations in a works cited page that goes along with your product.


These guides may mention a specific letter, document, or photograph. Mine them for potential primary sources.

Please reach out to Michael or Jessica if you need help with this project. Click on Book A Library Help Session to get one-on-one assistance.

We may need to dig to find resources for your topics, so don't wait until the last minute.