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RHW 102 Dr. Alexandra Lossada - First-Year Seminar in Writing

A guide to help with exploring library resources.

Memorial Library provides access to thousands of licensed electronic resources.

  • When you are on the Berry network:  you can seamlessly connect to these resources from links in databases, Google Scholar, citation lists, email, and social media.
  • When you are not on the Berry network:  e-resource providers need to be aware of your Berry affiliation and Memorial Library's licenses. Without this information, the e-resource provider may ask you to provide personal information and/or pay for access.

To connect to e-resources from any location

Surest option, on and off-campus:
  • Use the e-resource links provided on the Memorial Library website - the main search box, Research Databases, Research Guides, and the Journal Locator. These links have a Berry license prefix built-in.  

Advanced options for off campus:

Getting help

If you are unable to connect to an electronic resource: