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Ebooks @ Memorial Library

Our guide for finding, using and downloading eBooks.

About Project MUSE Ebooks 

Memorial Library is a subscriber to the Project MUSE Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) collection through our membership in LYRASIS. The LYRASIS subscription includes all eligible titles, currently over 51,000 scholarly books in a wide range of subjects within the humanities and social sciences. As long as we maintain a current subscription, the Berry community has full online access to the Project MUSE collection. At the end of each year we also select a certain number of titles for perpetual access - even if we discontinue our subscription, these titles are ours forever.  

Project MUSE books include unlimited simultaneous usage, downloading and printing of DRM-free PDF chapters.

All books are fully integrated with Project MUSE's scholarly journal content (Memorial Library subscribes to all Project MUSE journals), as well as being discoverable via WorldCat Discovery, Google Scholar, and other research tools. 

Project MUSE Subject Guides

Download these subject-based user guides for content on MUSE, highlightingtheir journal offerings and top book publishers for each subject. The guides are in an interactive PDF format, with live links to content on MUSE, and also feature tips for integrating MUSE resources into teaching and coursework. 

How to do a Search on Project MUSE

Download Video (right-click and "save link as...")

Creating a MyMUSE Account

Create a MyMUSE account for personalization such as creating alerts for new publications, saving searches and publications, and generating citations. 

Download Video (right-click and "save link as...")