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Credo InfoLit

A How-to guide for including modules from Credo InfoLit in your Canvas or course content.


Credo InfoLit includes over 100 videos, tutorials, and quizzes that will help develop your students Information Literacy (IL) Skills.  Each section covers a different aspect of IL and you can pick and choose how and when to use them.

Links to individual modules are provided in each section that will take you directly to the resource or that can be integrated into your Canvas course. 

Use the Teaching Guides below for ideas on how to integrate these resources into your courses.  If you have additional ideas on how to use these resources, we ask that you share your ideas with us so that we can continue to develop this guide as a resources for the campus community. 

Teaching Guides

Each of these guides are designed to give you ideas for integrating this content into your course.  Academic classes are provided solely as a guideline for organizing the content.  Feel free to adapt these as needed for your course and situation.

Level 1: Introductory Topics (High School/Freshmen)

Level 2: Basic Skills (Freshmen/Sophomore)

Level 3: Advanced Skills (Sophomore/Junior)

Level 4: Capstone Skills (Junior/Senior)