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Racial Justice and Anti-racism Resources

A starting place for the Berry community searching for resources on racism, antiracism, white privilege, allyship, and antiracist pedagogy.

About this guide

This guide is a collaboration of the Student Diversity Initiatives Program and Memorial Library at Berry College. It is intended to help connect Berry students, faculty and staff with racial justice and anti-racism resources.

Guide authors

  • Jaalah Simpson (JS) is the Program Assistant for the Berry College Student Diversity Initiatives Program. She also works with the Berry College Child Development Center as a teaching assistant and is doubling majoring in Psychology and English with a minor in Applied Behavioral Analysis. She enjoys the arts, particularly music and dance, and spends lots of time learning about the applications of systemic racism and societal issues facing individuals with disabilities. 
  • Sherre Harrington (SH) is the Director of Memorial Library.