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African American Women Writers

Dori Sanders and her seven older siblings and two younger siblings were raised on their family's farm, but only Dori and her brother Orestus stayed on the farm, where they sold their produce at the roadside Sanders's Peach Shed. During the winter, she sometimes worked at a banquet hall. In 1982 or so, while on a break, Dori's banquet-hall manager read what she wrote and encouraged her to write more. She did just that. Inspired by her observations of two funeral processions, she created a novel imagining the relationship that might arise between a 10-year-old African-American girl and her European-American stepmother, if the father and husband who united them died within hours of the marriage. In Clover (1990), the two very different people, who scarcely know each other, must work through their grief and share a life.* 

Genre: Mainstream fiction

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*Sanders, Dori. In S. D. Hatch (Ed.), Encyclopedia of African-American writing: five centuries of contribution : trials & triumphs of writers, poets, publications and organizations (3rd ed.). Grey House Publishing. Credo Reference. 

By Dori Sanders

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