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African American Women Writers

Thulani Davis (1948-2018) is a Virginia native, a graduate of Barnard College, and an ordained Buddhist priest. After reporting for the San Francisco Sun-Reporter in the mid-1970s, Davis started regularly contributing essays, articles, interviews, and reviews to New York City's Village Voice, as well as other periodicals. Davis's book-length published works include her poetry collections All the Renegade Ghosts Rise (1978) and Playing the Changes (1985); the text accompanying a photograph book, Malcolm X: The Great Photographs (1995, photos by Howard Chapnick); and her memoir, My Confederate Kinfolk: A Twenty-First Century Freedwoman Confronts Her Roots (2006). She also wrote two novels: 1959 (1992), about a pubescent girl's experiences in the civil-rights-era South; and 1997 American Book Award-winning Maker of Saints (1996), a contemporary murder mystery in Manhattan.*

Genre: Family and Relationships; History writing; Life stories; Psychological fiction

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*Thulani Davis. In S. D. Hatch (Ed.), Encyclopedia of African-American writing: five centuries of contribution : trials & triumphs of writers, poets, publications and organizations (3rd ed.). Grey House Publishing. Credo Reference. 

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