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African American Women Writers


Doris Davenport is a writer, literary and performance poet, and educator who was born in Gainesville, Ga. and grew up in the Appalachian foothills of Northeast Georgia, a region she says has always richly inhabited her life and work. She wrote her first short story ("a gory ghost story") at the age of 12 and has been writing since. At Paine College in Augusta, she was graduated with a BA in English in 1969 and subsequently completed a master's degree at SUNY-Buffalo (NY) and a Ph.D in African-American literature from the University of Southern California. Her first poetry book, a self-published chapbook, "It's Like This," appeared in 1980. Since then, her published books include "Eat Thunder & Drink Rain" (1982), "Voodoo Chile - Slight Return" (1991), "Soquee Street Poems" (1995), "Madness Like Morning Glories" (published by Louisiana State University Press in 2005) and "A Hunger for Moonlight" (2006). (Georgia Center for the Book)

Genre: Poetry

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