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African American Women Writers

In all her bibliographical, biographical, critical, and creative works, Ann Allen Shockley committed herself to illuminating the experiences of African-American writers in general and of African-American women and lesbians in particular. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, she received a B.A. from Fisk University in 1948 and an M.S. in library science from Case Western Reserve University in 1959; after a career as journalist and teacher, she was a librarian and archivist at Fisk University. While Shockley's early short stories, which were published in such leading black magazines as Black World and Freedomways, focused on racism, her creative work has come increasingly to focus on the triple jeopardy facing black lesbians—racismsexismhomophobia—as well as on their strategies for empowerment. Her 1974 novel, Loving Her, is the first black American lesbian novel as well as the first work written by an American describing a love affair between a black and a white woman. (Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States)

Genre: LGBTQIA fiction; Short stories
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By Ann Allen Shockley

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