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The Berry Family - Sampling the Generations: Home



Brief biographies and selected resources about members of the extended Berry family. Prepared by Nancy Benson Berry and Sherre L. Harrington for the Berry Family Reunion@Berry College, April 18-21, 2013.


Table of Contents



Alston H. "Bose" Berry: Murdered over a Gambling Debt

Clay Bonnyman Evans: Cowboy, Journalist, Mountain Climber

D. Randolph Berry Sr.: Nephew of Martha Berry, Killed in Orly Plane Crash with His Wife Anne


D. Randolph "Randy" Berry Jr.: Inventor, Investor and Member of the Board of Trustees Berry College

Joen Fagan: Psychotherapist

Ellen McClung Berry:  Socialite, Featured in Unsolved Mysteries


Frances Margaret Rhea Berry: Mother of Martha Berry

Alexander S. Glover Jr.: Internationally Known Geologist

Hugh Lawson Berry: Murdered His Grandmother and Injured His Father

John Meredith Graham II: Curator, Williamsburg and Advisor to First Lady Jackie Kennedy

James Berry (1690-1756): Founding Father


James Enfield Berry (1790-1857): First Mayor of Chattanooga

Berry Johnston: Professonal Poker Player

Jessica Berry: University of Chicago Athletic Hall of Fame

Caryl Johnston: Freelance Writer and Archivist

John Marshall Berry: Successful Businessman and Faithful Soldier

John Johnston: Owner and Innkeeper, El Castillo, Salta, Argentina

Lynne Berry: Scientist and Children's Author

Matthew Johnston: U.S. Diplomat, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Maebelle Howel Berry: From Adversity to Success


Martha Berry: Founder of the Berry Schools

Kevin & Kathleen Kelly: Sporting Goods Shop Owners

Nancy Benson Berry: Co-Chair Berry Family Reunion & Founder Angie's Spa Cancer Foundation


Nancy Cooper Berry: Patron of the Arts and Sciences

Johnny Duke Lippincott: Guitarist

Capt. Thomas Berry (1821-1877): Soldier, Farmer and Merchant, Father of Martha Berry


Tom Berry: Governor of South Dakota

Margot McAllister: Award-Winning Equestrian

Alexander "Sandy" Bonnyman Jr.: Medal of Honor Recipient

Robert M. McKeon: Deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paris

Alexander Bonnyman Sr.: Founder, Blue Diamond Coal Company

Marthavan McKeon: Ballerina and Ballet Teacher

Anne Berry Bonnyman: Trailblazer for Women in the Episcopal Church

Patty Berry "PeeBee" Hackett Moseley: Berry Family Historian

Brian Bonnyman: Left Private Practice to Work in Community Medicine


 Gordon Bonnyman: Morris Dees Justice Award Winner

Berry Perkins: Decorative Arts & Design Curatorial Assistant, High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Dean Burton: Fly Fisherman

Alexandra "Alix" Prejean: Ma'lama the 'aina ... take care of the land



J. Bulow Campbell: Businessman and Philanthropist

Eugenia Ruspoli: Italian Princess

Sigmund Chigi: Marshal of the Holy Roman Church


John A. Corso: Filmmaker, Producer and Director

Isabel "Bonny" Stanley: Barbara Pym Scholar

Elena Droutzkoy Corso: Berry College Board of Visitors


Virginia Campbell Courts: Philanthropist

Joseph "Martin" Turbidy: Insurance Executive




Martha "Marti" Berry Walstad: Board of Trustees Berry College and Greater Rome Bank