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The Berry Family - Sampling the Generations

Brief biographies and selected resources about members of the extended Berry family, prepared for the Berry Family Reunion@Berry College, April 18-21, 2013

Joen Fagan: Psychotherapist

Joen Fagan is the author Gestalt Therapy Now, co-edited with Irma Lee Shepherd in 1970.  This book remains one of the most important works on the psychotherapeutic method. Fagan and Shepherd attended the first workshop led by Dr. Fritz Perls, the originator of Gestalt Therapy, at the Esalen Institute, of taught in the Clinical Training Program at Georgia State University

Joen taught in the Clinical Training Program at Georgia State University before retiring as a Regents’ Professor of Psychology, Emerita and was in an independent practice of psychotherapy for over 4 decades. She specialized in psychotherapy training, holistic approaches to healing, and dissociative disorders. Joen graduated from Agnes Scott College and has an M.S. and PhD from Pennsylvania State University. In the last several years, Joen has specialized in dementia, working as a consultant and making presentations at professional meetings.


April 2013


Selected Publications