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The Berry Family - Sampling the Generations

Brief biographies and selected resources about members of the extended Berry family, prepared for the Berry Family Reunion@Berry College, April 18-21, 2013

D. Randolph "Randy" Berry Jr.: Inventor, Investor, and Member of the Board of Trustees Berry College

Born and raised in Georgia, Randy is the great nephew of Martha Berry and today is a member of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Investment Committee, and Co-Chair of the Campaign Committee of Berry College. Randy graduated MIT and has had two careers, one as a Mechanical Engineer when he worked as a consulting engineer for the coal mining industry, nuclear navy, and United States Air Force. He has helped to develop coal mining safety equipment, such items as the oxygen self-rescue mask for coal miners, a quick sealing runway repair system, and numerous industrial robots. He holds two US patents. He is also a private investor and serves on the Board of Directors of the Peoples Federal Bancshares in Boston, Massachusetts and is a Board Member and Treasurer of Angie's Spa, a Cancer Foundation founded by his wife, Nancy Benson Berry.

Randy and Nancy are also founders and supporters of The Berry Information Technology Students (B.I.T.S.) Program at Berry College, an apprenticeship opportunity associated with the Berry College student work program. By utilizing several unique computer related tracks, the program strives to give students the skills and professional manners that will make them valuable to future employers. The students are given the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the Berry community by assisting other students as well as faculty and staff with their computing problems.


April 2013

U.S. Patent 4,180,352